Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2022 (Season 2)

Conceptualizing and executing one of India's biggest music festival with graphics that provide online and offline solutions

Design Elements

Event Creatives & Merchandise 

On Ground periphery cloth design

Skip-a-Beat: Record Label.

Skip a beat is an independent record label & online radio show from India

Its  a monthly show that takes you on a hour long journey of sound by some of

The finest music producers from India and around the subcontinent,

With handcrafted beats by Sprky aka Tejas  acting as the glue that holds it together.


Graphics for there monthly shows. Applying the logo in various combination permutation to form endless results.

Cover Images for labels annual release. 

As a part of guerilla marketing we took the brand on the streets creating public murals to create brand awareness.  

Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2022 (Season 1)

Event Posters

Elements as design elements

Offline application

Artists poster at the festival

Kranti Art Theory

curators of indian underground music and illustration scene.

NH7 Weekender 2018

Festival Branding 

Corner Shop Kid


Spoken Fest Branding: 2017

Spoken Fest is a stage for some of the most vibrant voices, poets, storytellers, thespians, lyricists, comedians and musicians to move you, make your heart sink and brim with joy at the same time. At Spoken we see a confluence of personalities, people, and passions. The festival comprises multiple stages, interactive workshops, and engaging master classes.

Over the course of two days, Spoken will shine a spotlight on artists from across the country ~ serving up an eclectic mix of exciting performances in languages as varied as Urdu, Hindi, and English. The experiences are also enhanced with art zones, curated bazaar, and experiential brand interactions

The Granfaloon

The Granfalloon is a state of mind and location that brings people together who may, at other times, have had nothing in common.


Idea : be the strange you want to see in the world.

Credits : Ayesha Punjabi



Highly acclaimed professional Wedding Photographer Sanket Rawani offers a specialist wedding photography service.

The story of your wedding day is captured using natural, contemporary and traditional styles of photography.

The identity extentions is a fusion of indian classical Miniature paintings and photography



In book winner for Visual Identity Scheme for Startups,

at Kyoorius design awards 2015.

Alt Culture

Dynamic Experimental Identity for Alt Culture.

a cocoon of a company for Indian alternative Contemporary & Indie scene.

Alt Culture runs The Hive, Cuckoo Club, Culture-Shoq, Big Mic, and many other platforms that support & nurtures

upcoming underground scene such as Comedy, Music, Art, Poetry, Literature, Comics Etc.  

Insight of the brand : 

Alternative culture is a type of culture that exists outside or on the fringes of mainstream or popular culture, usually 

under the domain of one or more subcultures.


These subcultures may have little or nothing in common

besides their relative obscurity, but cultural studies uses this common basis of obscurity to classify them

as alternative cultures

Idea :

The idea was to create a bunch of obscure, open ended, abstract

pieces of illustrations, which convey the openendedness of the company. Keeping the brands identity dynamic and fresh

every time one sees it.


The Images challenges the viewer to think and come up with there

own version of explanation.


Mixing it with a modern San serif font

Font Used : Gotham Family

Gotham is that rarest of designs, the new typeface that feels somehow familiar. From the lettering that inspired it, Gotham inherited an honest tone that’s assertive but never imposing, friendly but never folksy, confident but never aloof. The inclusion of so many original ingredients without historical precedent — a lowercase, italics, a comprehensive range of weights and widths, and a character set that transcends the Latin alphabet — enhances these forms’ plainspokenness with a welcome sophistication, and brings a broad range of expressive voices to the Gotham family.

The Cuckoo Club

A community center by HIVE.

Pandoras Box

Pandora's Box, is a Stage Architecture company, designed numerous special events, such as the International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA),

Star Screen awards, Parivaar awards, Apsara awards, MTV style awards, etc. We have also designed and executed some Bollywood film sets.

Idea : Your hear is a Pandora's Box

TurningHeads :: Production

OZO :: Apparel

OZO is a fresh new range of apparel that unites Hip-Hop Culture , Urban Art and Sports.

With a purpose that goes beyond making shallow statements with t-shirt slogans,

OZO believe in the ideology that our clothes stand for - RESPECT and TRUE GRIT.