“Wormtamer” in its fast paced drumming, imposing basslines and swirling guitars by new Delhi-bred and Pune-based instrumental rock act Colorblind aka Kartik Mishra

Zanuski - Free Flow Mon Ami Vol. 2

A little about the artwork:

“The Free Flow Mon Ami Series is produced out of my apartment which is called Mon Ami. I happen to live with (and serve) two cats.

In this artwork, they represent the chaos in our lives. Chaos often acts as a deterrent and can fog your purpose. I'm always attempting to take stock of the chaos in my life and keep it in check so I can get to where I need to be.

This concept tied in seamlessly with Sajid Wajid Shaikh's take on American rubber hose animation from the 1920’s which served as a visual reference for the both of us. A lot of the narratives from those cartoons were often sombre as well.”

Prateek Kuhad - Pause | Single Cover

Smalltalk : Tacit EP cover

Elle 250th Issue : Digital cover

artwork for the cover sees cracked and warped marks around the model that represent time. Eyes are drawn with clocks instead of the pupil to suggest how time has gone in the blink of an eye. "For me, this cover issue represents organised chaos. I've also made a small illustration of the model next to her that shows the shift of an idea from a sketch to reality. At the start, ELLE too was the germ of an idea that turned into reality, and today, they've created history with 250 issues,

Babel : EP by Colorblind

 Avant garde, experimental sounds by Delhi Based artist Kartik  Mishra who goes by the name of Colorblind

Drones. EP by Colorblind

 Avant garde, experimental sounds by Delhi Based artist Kartik  Mishra who goes by the name of Colorblind

Non Physical Impediment : ColorBlind

New Delhi-based Kartik Mishra draws from nihilism, existentialism and even optimism on his full-length ‘Non Physical Impediment’


Unconscience : Album Art

Brazilian Technical / Thrash Metal band

Closet Dancer : EP packaging.

 Four action packed songs, that'll keep you wanting for more. cowboysailorman is not an albumcover design but a design that tries and wraps the experience this album leaves you with. A perfect recipe that mixes chill wave, synth pop, shoegaze and some stunning vocal performances. Takes you from your chair (ie if u r listning to it on bandcamp) to this journey somewhere only cowboys and SailorMans have seen. 

Credits : drawings by @ayeshapunjabi 


Trinergic :: Sanctuary for the damaged.

Album Cover

Melodic Death Metal Band from Mumbai

Eternal December :: Album Cover

Eternal December is a progressive rock band from Navi Mumbai, formed in 2010.

The band has been active in the circuit playing various competitions such as Strawberry Fields,

Channel [V] Launchpad and numerous college-level Battle of the Bands.


This is soon to launch their debut EP Cover.

Bulli Bainbridge : Just this once

Popsplatter :: Coverpage Illustration

“Just This Once” plays with warmer, almost ‘older’ sounds to give it its vibe; and each song has a clear space it wants to take the listener to.

There are moments of relaxing, of kicking back, to moments that are a little more interesting and unexplored.

There are times of excitement and of agitation, and times of relief or maybe even self-loathing. 

A comment on the New Indian, who isn't all for Aam Aadmi Party,

Indian National Congress or event Bharatiya Janata Party.

He's politically driven, but doesn't shy away from anarchy either.

He wants a revolution, but is wary of noisemakers.

Crearive Gaga :: Order in Chaos

Creative Gagais a Bi-monthly Creative Design Magazine which cover various verticals of Design and Art like Advertising,

Graphic Design, Digital Art, Product Design, Interior Design, Jewellery Design, Illustration, Photography, Animation etc


approached me for the cover design, of their Branding and Pacakging issue  - May / June 2014.