Grey Matter

Disappearing entirely into his own imagination, the artist weaves a continuous narrative that borrows directly from his conscience. Watch the entire video to see how entering this space is like waking up to the sounds and sights of his mind.

Amygdala Anomalies

Amygdala Anomalies is Sajid Wajid Shaikh’s second solo show. Developed over the course of three years, this audio-visual project sees him giving shape to fourteen otherworldly creatures. Bringing them to life is a collaboration with fourteen musicians and sound designers who interpreted every character sonically, evoking their sounds, surroundings and state of existence. As an experiment, Amygdala Anomalies seeks to explore the constant conflict between fear and fascination - invoked by the unseen, unheard and unknown. The exhibition will be on for three days. Apart from the installations, visitors also get to

experience an audio-visual projection that plays once every half hour throughout the show duration.

Nine Rats Mix Media on Fabric

My mom received a hand stitched blanket as a wedding gift some 29 years ago. I've basically spent my childhood sleeping in it. Until few years back a rat bit through it, in the midst of our house shifting... I saw how sad she was when she came across this hole. After all these years I collaborated with her to repair that damage. I hope she feels I've done a good job. Exhibiting : Nine Rats - mix media on fabric. Currently on display at @alliancefrdelhi for Design x design exhibition 8 : 20under35.

The Ugly Truth

The ugly truth is an installation that reminds us of the trash that we've thrown away thinking it's gone.

showcasing at the Sasoon Docks, Mumbai for ST+Art India.