Facebook Artist In residency Project

Hard Edge abstract painting. Made with the help of Java. which captures the growth of conversation and ideas.

Additional Help : Mahesh Kamble | Rajesh Bhadreshwara

Video by Akash Shukla

Air Canada X Beautiful Destinations  : India's First Hype Court

St + Art India approached us to paint the iconic Hooper's Ground in Mumbai as part of Air Canada's worldwide campaign. The court - and the work that went into painting it .

hype courts connect community, sports and art by creating alternative spaces in the city for people to enjoy. We are proud to have been a part of India's first hype court at the hoppers garden Matunga in Mumbai


Shakti : The mural is an ode to Indian women in all their glory. It celebrates not just women, but also femininity and all its maximalism. For St Art Lodhi Art festival

Gratitude : Rajesh Bhadhreshwara, Mahesh Kamble, St+Art India Team , Aasif Jogi

PayPal India

PayPal India

Lab Coworking : Mumbai

Lab Coworking studio commissioned Floating canvas company to do a mural for them 

and I got to paint it on a lazy sunday. 

Additional Credits : Sage | Aagam | Mahesh Kamble 

Shahu : for St+Art Foundation

This mural depicts the arrival of a great king which is synonymous with the arrival of good times. With the king portrayed on the left, musical celebrations upon his arrival can be seen painted on the right. Here, music is symbolic of the the restoration of harmony.


The two walls have a dialogue as they compliment each other with the royal blue color to symbolize honesty and trustworthiness, elegance, riches, and sophistication.

Marico : Parachute

The lobby here has a illustrative bottle done on the lift doors, the entire story of travel of a coconut
from the palms to actually getting transferred to oil is shown in a very interesting way.
Agency - Madhouse (Mumbai) Art Direction : Raju & Minal Kulkarni.