Shahu : for St+Art Foundation

This mural depicts the arrival of a great king which is synonymous with the arrival of good times. With the king portrayed on the left, musical celebrations upon his arrival can be seen painted on the right. Here, music is symbolic of the the restoration of harmony.


The two walls have a dialogue as they compliment each other with the royal blue color to symbolize honesty and trustworthiness, elegance, riches, and sophistication.

Marico : Parachute

The lobby here has a illustrative bottle done on the lift doors, the entire story of travel of a coconut
from the palms to actually getting transferred to oil is shown in a very interesting way.
Agency - Madhouse (Mumbai) Art Direction : Raju & Minal Kulkarni.

Hygienic Research Institute :: Lift lobby

Hygienic Research Institute Pvt. Ltd. (HRI), a company with more than five decades of experience in
the field of cosmetic industry.
HRI has big brands in its product basket like, Super Vasmol 33 Keshkala, Streax Hair Colour, Yogiraj Thanda Tel and
other Hair Oils, Florozone Range of Skincare products, Footzone, Streax Pro Range and Streax Euro Range of
Professional products, Vasmol Powder Hair Colour, Vasmol Colour & Shade, Vasmol Kali Mehendi,
Super Vasmol Aamla Herbal Powder Hair Dyes, Vasmol Shaving Cream, Silkiss Shampoo Range.
Brief given was to bring out the aftereffects of using hair cosmetic products.
The lobby was then designed to celebrate the achievements of a Confident, Happy, Strong,
and Stylish Women.


Agency - Madhouse.


Illustration - Me, Art Direction - Kedar Damle, Minal Kulkarni & Raju Kulkarni.

Quicksilver :: Boardriders store


Art Director :: Arshad Sayyed

With :: Apurva Pandey, Javed Shaikh, Rahul Singh, Sadik.

Pirates of Kitchen


Art Director :: Arshad Sayyed

In Colaboration with :: Sudhakar Maurya , Javed Shaikh, Swapnil Shinde, Sandesh Veer

Cinebuzz Academy of motion Pictures

In Colaboration with :: Apurva Pandey