Coinbase NFT

NFT made for Coinbase in association with Polygon Studios for their India Launch

the NFT is free to mint for all Coinbase wallet users.


Two Kathakali Dancers good and evil coming together forming a yin yang 


In collaboration with Kashish Arora

Journey to Unmanifest.

Pepe the frog has been on an incredible journey. The world took him and made him their own from sad, angry, happy, all the way to a symbol of hate,

an icon of democracy and everything in between. But did Pepe ever want all of this?

This piece envisions Pepe’s first steps on his journey to find himself. A journey to shed his skin,

a journey to unmanifest. He knows it might be a long and treacherous road ahead but ‘it (already) feels good, man!


Artist - Sajid Wajid Shaikh x Vishwesh Menon